Video Content

Access exclusive online training videos by Ramos. Learn about exercises, nutrition and how to track your progress. Premium members will have access to exclusive online content.

Track your progress

I use an app to track your continuing progress. I am able to see a live update of your performance in the gym and the results you have been achieving!

Personalised plans

Everyone has different goals and lead different lifestyles, every online plan is personalised to you. The plans can be adapted if necessary along your transformation journey.

Nutritional advice

I will advice you on your macros and calorie requirements and track your progress through My FitnessPal app where you will log your daily intake.


All plans come with continuing support in the form of check-ins. If you have any queries outside of this timeframe I can be contacted through the live chat portal on this website.

Personalised exercise plans

The plans are personalised for you so they can fit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you have access to a gym or not it doesn’t matter, I can create both gym or home workouts that suit you.

1. Request Plan

You can request your own personalised plan, I will then get you to answer some simple questions so I can tailor your plan perfectly for you and your goals.

2. Receive Plan

You can use the app to see your plan and track your ongoing progress. Within the app you can upload progress photos, log your workout, chat with me and I can view your workout live!

The Fitnatix Revolution Way


Free Trial

The free trial gives you 5 days of access to the site for a sneak preview of limited content. I will also provide you with a basic plan to download and get you started with tracking your progress so you can start to make the necessary changes to reach your first goal.