Working out with Ramos is like all fun and games to me. He is always there to remind me to do what is good for my body without being too harsh with myself. He encourages me a lot and now I am losing weight without even noticing it not until i wear my old clothes 🙂 It is always fun to workout with him:)

Ramos - 8 weeks


That’s a good example of what can happen if you focus for a good 8 weeks, from doing nothing to training hard and transform your body. If I did it from this to that you can do it too.

4 week - Fat Loss


Best Personal Trainer. Hands up for Ramos. I started going to the gym with goals of loosing weight and building muscle. I was 114kg, and slowly going up. At first I didn’t know the benefits of having a personal trainer and I tried to do it all by myself but with very little results. After I started training with Ramos, 3 times a week and with regular cardio training, I managed to loose 10kg in 1 month. My next goal is to loose another 10kg, which happily I’m already half way through. Thank you Ramos. You’re awesome.

4 Weeks - Muscle Gain


If you’re thinking about training with a professional I highly recommend Ramos. I started my personal training with Ramos in July 2018, and I believe he is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around London. Ramos made me feel very comfortable and helped me understand what I could achieve.
I started training twice a week and really enjoyed the challenges he put into the sessions to build my muscles and strength.

4 Weeks - Muscle Gain


I’ve always been trying to build my dream body. I was attending gym and training with no plan for 2 years, I couldn’t see any progress. Ramos helped me to make a program that fits my body type. I’ve been training with it for 1 month, and already started seeing some progress that I couldn’t for a few years. Ramos helps me motivated myself when I was thinking of skipping gym; being guided step by steps helps to avoid common mistakes beginners make.

I’m very glad I decided to train with Fitnatix, he’s getting me to the result I was trying to reach for a long time.

4 Week Muscle Gain


 Ramos helped me to make a program that can get me quick results with hard work i managed to gain muscle and now i’m looking forward for the next 8 weeks. Professional and full of knowledge , show me the right exercises i need to do to get the best results.

4 week - Fat Loss


Ramos is an excellent personal trainer. He is passionate, dedicated, engaging, a strong drive and always want the best from his clients. I would definitely recommend him.

12 Weeks


I couldn’t believe that was possible to transform my body and turn things around, thanks to Ramos I gain my confidence back and my healthy lifestyle. He shows me that with a flexible diet and correct training plan whats possible. He is passionate, educational, happy and always want the best from his clients. Thanks a lot, Bro.

12 months - Fat Loss


I love working with Ramos, he help me achieve my fitness goals , lose weight and get to the best shape of my life. He teach all the fundamentals i need to know. The best in the business.